Lead Testing for Residential and Commercial Buildings

lead-testing-renton-waCome to Puget Sound Abatement for detailed lead inspection and lead testing conducted by qualified professionals.

We work in residential as well as commercial buildings, making sincere efforts to perform lead testing that is:

• Done to the highest specifications
• Carried out in compliance with all applicable codes and regulations
• Completed in an ethical and unbiased manner

With us handling their lead testing needs, our customers can be sure thatLead Based Paint (RRP) will be recommended only if it is genuinely required. We are proud of our reputation for honest lead inspection and lead testing. And, we work hard to sustain it through meticulous and objective Lead Based Paint (RRP) .

Why is a Lead Test Important?

lead-test-renton-waLead was used extensively in homes and commercial places before it was recognized to be toxic and hazardous. It is important to get a lead inspection and lead test done before embarking on a demolition or renovation project as a lead test helps assessLead Based Paint (RRP) needs in the building.

Property owners looking for an accurate and reliable lead test should come to us. We conduct every lead inspection and lead test with due seriousness, sincerity and care. Impeccable lead test results are ensured with thorough lead testing conducted:

• By trained lead test experts
• With advanced lead test equipment
• Using proven lead test methods

Our Lead Based Paint (RRP) also aim at maximizing the clients’ convenience. We schedule a lead inspection and lead test promptly, and generate lead test reports quickly so that clients can continue with their projects without needless delay.

A Lead Inspection Can Identify Lead Paint Exposure Risks

lead-inspection-renton-waBy far, lead-based paint is the biggest source of lead exposure. When painted surfaces deteriorate or the paint gets disturbed during repairs or demolition, it creates lead exposure risks for everyone around.

Our lead inspection and Lead Based Paint (RRP) can identify such risks so that they can be effectively eliminated. We use cutting-edge lead inspection and lead testing technology to assess surfaces precisely even through multiple paint layers.

After we are done with conducting the lead inspection and producing the lead test results, our customers can know exactly what they need to do to give their families and staff a safe environment. Our world-class lead inspection and Lead Based Paint (RRP) are their first step towards enjoying:

• Contaminant-free homes and business places
• Improved property values
• Complete peace of mind

Want to safeguard your property from the threat of lead exposure? Call Puget Sound Abatement today at (425) 336-0611 for lead inspection and lead testing.