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Asbestos Abatement For Burien Commercial Buildings

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How We Serve Burien

Asbestos Abatement For Burien Commercial Buildings

Businesses in Burien, WA that are looking for stress-free asbestos abatement and asbestos disposal services that are also easy on the pocket should come to Puget Sound Abatement.

Hiring us as their asbestos abatement contractor gives Burien commercial building owners the complete peace of mind that comes with engaging:

  • Ethical asbestos abatement and asbestos disposal business
  • Skilled and well-equipped asbestos abatement and asbestos disposal team
  • Detail-oriented asbestos abatement and asbestos disposal experts
  • Customer-friendly asbestos abatement and asbestos disposal professionals
  • Competitively-priced asbestos abatement and asbestos disposal services

We value customer relationships and treat Burien businesses that come to us for asbestos abatement with the integrity and respect they deserve. Our fair and dependable services help us build lasting relations with all our clients.

Our asbestos abatement services are not limited to commercial settings in Burien; we also specialize in the removal of asbestos in homes.

Asbestos Abatement For Burien Commercial Buildings

There are several products with asbestos in homes in Burien. Linoleum flooring, roofing shingles, and ‘popcorn’ ceiling are some examples where one can find asbestos in homes.

Disturbance of the materials with asbestos in homes during remodeling or maintenance activities fills the air with hazardous asbestos particles. Inhaling these particles can cause severe lung ailment and several cancers.

To protect themselves and their families, Burien homeowners must make sure not to take the asbestos in homes lightly. Prior to starting a renovation project, they must remember to call certified asbestos abatement experts to remove the asbestos in homes.

They should let us handle their asbestos in homes. We are a licensed and bonded asbestos abatement contractor and have the capabilities to remove asbestos in homes:

  • Completely
  • Efficiently
  • Safely
Asbestos Abatement For Burien Commercial Buildings

As we cater to a wide variety of customers in Burien, we serve them all with the finest in asbestos disposal services.

The level of professionalism with which our asbestos abatement technicians carry out the asbestos disposal work remains the same, whether Burien residents call us in to remove asbestos in homes or hire us for asbestos disposal in large industrial facilities.

Steadfast focus on servicing customers with only the best has earned us:

  • Wonderful reputation in Burien’s asbestos disposal industry
  • Impressive success and consistent growth in business
  • Happy and loyal patrons

Burien residents interested in getting asbestos in homes and commercial properties removed should call the asbestos disposal experts at Puget Sound Abatement. Dial (425) 336-0611.

Our Services

As a licensed asbestos abatement contractor, Puget Sound Abatement helps commercial property owners maintain healthy and safe work places.

Asbestos exposure can lead to life-threatening diseases, which can be avoided if the building owner gets an asbestos test done by experts like us.

As a demolition company, we specialize in the provision of interior demolition services for the commercial sector, retail facilities as well as residential property.

Puget Sound Abatement offers Lead Based Paint (RRP) services to check lead contamination in homes, commercial buildings, or industrial facilities undergoing renovation.


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