Asbestos Abatement for Kirkland Area Commercial Buildings


Here at Puget Sound Abatement, our professionally licensed and certified asbestos abatement contractors pride themselves in helping industrial and commercial Kirkland, WA area property owners in maintaining healthier and safer workplaces. We provide:

  • Asbestos abatement treatments services
  • Safe and thorough asbestos disposal
  • Asbestos disposal that is both reasonably-priced as well as eco-safe

Our company, Puget Sound Abatement, provides our Kirkland area commercial and industrial clients with their own personally customized asbestos abatement services. We ensure that our asbestos abatement technicians perform a thorough and complete inspection of every jobsite in order to determine a commercial client’s specific asbestos abatement needs. We do this before we use our top-of-the-line asbestos abatement tools and asbestos disposal techniques and methods.

Asbestos in Homes is a Health Risk to Kirkland Area Homeowners


Kirkland area homes, especially the older model homes, can also be in need of our asbestos abatement, and/or asbestos disposal services. Asbestos in homes can end up being a very dangerous life hazard and health risk.

If Kirkland area residents with asbestos in homes stir it up with home remodels and/or demolition, they run the risk of releasing asbestos fibers and asbestos dust. If these are inhaled, they can cause some pretty severe respiratory issues as well as cancerous medical conditions.

At Puget Sound Abatement, we can help our Kirkland area residents remove asbestos in homes and remain protected with our professional and expert services. We can:

  • Safely inspect asbestos in homes
  • Remove asbestos in homes in a safe and effective manner
  • Offer complete and thorough asbestos disposal for asbestos in homes

Our technicians are trained in removing asbestos in homes without exposing the inhabitants to any harm.

Asbestos Disposal, Encasement & Removal Services for Kirkland Area Residents


At Puget Sound Abatement, we protect our excellent reputation for consistently providing high-quality asbestos abatement and asbestos disposal services to our Kirkland area clients. We take on asbestos abatement and/or asbestos disposal projects of any size. Our job sizes do not affect the quality level of our professional asbestos abatement work.

Whether we are performing a small asbestos abatement or asbestos disposal job for asbestos in homes or conducting asbestos disposal or asbestos abatement services in an enormous industrial/commercial location, we ensure that our professional services are always:

  • Capable, reliable and proficient
  • Professional, smooth and hassle-free
  • Timely and within budget

Call today for a free estimate on your property.