Asbestos Exposure Purdy

Asbestos-Exposure-Purdy-WAExposure to asbestos is most common in a workplace environment, but it can also happen in residential properties. Occupational asbestos exposure still is the top cause of many asbestos diseases, however. To avoid asbestos poisoning, it is strongly recommended to have thorough inspections and testing.

We at Puget Sound Abatement specialize in asbestos testing and abatement services which can help prevent asbestos exposure at your Purdy, WA property. You can count on us for comprehensive and precise testing services as we:

  • Have years of rich experience
  • Are licensed and bonded
  • Provide impeccable customer service
  • Receive full training in asbestos removal

Do not overlook exposure to asbestos, especially during any demolition or renovation project as you can quickly develop some serious asbestos symptoms. Get in touch with Puget Sound Abatement at 425-336-0611 to learn more about how we can help prevent asbestos exposure in the Purdy area.

Asbestos Symptoms Purdy

Asbestos-Symptoms-Purdy-WAEven though asbestos is present in a dormant state, it gets activated and mixed in air when disturbed during any demolition or renovation project. When you inhale microscopic asbestos fibers, they are trapped inside your respirator and digestive tract. This leads to development of asbestos symptoms quickly.

Therefore, it is legally mandatory to have your property tested for asbestos exposure. There are many initial asbestos symptoms that may indicate you have been exposed to asbestos like:

  • Shortness of breath
  • High blood pressure
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Swelling in neck and face
  • Hypertension

If you are noticing any such asbestos symptoms at your Purdy area property, seek urgent medical attention. After this, schedule complete asbestos inspection with us so our experts can eliminate the risk of asbestos disease for others occupying or working in the same space.

Contact Puget Sound Abatement at 425-336-0611 today to see how our services can prevent the risk of developing asbestos symptoms at your Purdy property.

Asbestos Poisoning Purdy

Asbestos-Poisoning-Purdy-WAAsbestos poisoning can be prevented as we provide excellent asbestos abatement services. However, most property owners overlook the need for asbestos testing which leads to unnecessary asbestos exposure.

Any level of asbestos poisoning is fully capable of evolving into major diseases such as:

  • Mesothelioma
  • Lung cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Asbestosis
  • Laryngeal cancer

In addition to this, accumulation of asbestos fiber in the body can cause inflammation and DNA damage. Let us help you prevent any such complications caused by asbestos poisoning with our tested, honest, and professional services. Our team is highly competent, trained, experienced, and well-versed with advanced tools and techniques to take care of any testing or abatement job.

Call Puget Sound Abatement at 425-336-0611 for quality asbestos abatement services to prevent asbestos poisoning in the Purdy area.