Asbestos Testing Algona

asbestos-testing-algona-waIn the past, asbestos was commonly used as a roofing material for both residential and commercial buildings. When these older buildings are scheduled for renovation or demolition, an asbestos test by a certified company is required.

This is because asbestos exposure is known to cause life threatening diseases. Trust Puget Sound Abatement for your asbestos testing services in Algona, WA as many other homeowners and property owners have done.

Every asbestos test we conduct uses the highest quality:

  • Testing materials
  • Products
  • Techniques
  • Workforce

Contact us for additional information regarding asbestos testing costs, and details such as abatement and removal following an asbestos test.

Asbestos Test Algona

asbestos-test-algona-waTo safeguard the health of workers working on a building and residents living nearby, asbestos testing has been made legally mandatory before any renovation or demolition is undertaken. If inhaled, asbestos fibers or asbestos dust can be dangerous for one’s health.

If the presence of high levels of asbestos is confirmed in a property during an asbestos test, we offer:

  • Encapsulation
  • Abatement
  • Removal

We perform every asbestos inspection with the best asbestos test strips and kits available in Algona.Our trained and certified technicians are fully prepared to conduct asbestos testing, and understand that no safe level of asbestos exposure exists. For this reason and to prevent asbestos exposure, our team of technicians uses high-quality protective gear while taking asbestos samples.

Algona Asbestos Inspection

asbestos-inspection-algona-waAsbestos was once a popular building material due to its high tensile strength. When asbestos fibers are disturbed and then inhaled during renovation or demolition, they are known to cause serious health issues, including cancer.

Therefore, it is extremely important to conduct an asbestos inspection to ensure that the level of asbestos is low. Appropriate measures including an asbestos test must be taken to minimize the exposure of asbestos.

Homeowners and property owners in Algona have chosen our asbestos inspection services over competitors because we:

  • Take a professional approach to our work
  • Are highly committed
  • Use the latest equipment and techniques for every asbestos test
  • Can encapsulate and remove asbestos efficiently

Consider past reviews from our satisfied clients, and you’ll know that we provide high-quality, reasonably priced, and hassle free asbestos inspection services to the Algona community.

Give Puget Sound Abatement a call at (425) 336-0611 to discuss any asbestos inspection or asbestos testing services for your Algona commercial or residential building.