Asbestos Testing Edgewood

Asbestos-Testing-Edgewood-WAAre you looking for qualified professionals who can be trusted for honest, accurate asbestos inspection and asbestos testing services in Edgewood, WA? If so, then let your search end at Puget Sound Abatement.

We are a licensed and bonded contractor with extensive experience in conducting an asbestos test in residential as well as commercial buildings. Our OSHA-competent technicians can perform asbestos inspection and asbestos testing on your property.

Any disturbance or damage to asbestos-containing building materials could release hazardour asbestos fibers into the surroundings. Exposure to this carcinogenic substance is, obviously, dangerous. Asbestos testing on Edgewood properties has been made legally mandatory before starting any remodel, repair, or demolition activities.

If you are planning such a project, hire us for the necessary asbestos testing. Have peace of mind that the asbestos test is done:

  • By sincere, dependable professionals
  • In a well-equipped asbestos testing lab
  • Using the right techniques and safety measures

Asbestos Test Edgewood

Asbestos-Test-WALike many property owners, you may not realize how many materials there are on your property that contain dangerous asbestos. Flooring, roof shingles, insulation, and drywall are some examples of potentially hazardous construction materials.

Rely on our crew to provide a thorough asbestos test on your Edgewood property to detect the presence of this hazardous material. We provide extremely diligent testing.

Our technicians that will conduct your asbestos test are:

  • Aware of the applicable local and federal codes
  • Updated in skills with on-going training
  • Hard-working
  • Truly committed to your well-being

We assure you of unbiased and accurate asbestos test results.

Edgewood Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos-Inspection-Edgewood-WAOne purpose of asbestos inspection in any home or commercial building is to determine the best options for asbestos removal. The objective of our asbestos inspection services in Edgewood is to ensure the safety of our customers without burdening them with needless stress, hassles, and expenses.

Our technicians will recommend asbestos abatement only when our asbestos inspection and testing reveals that this is actually necessary. Depend on us for:

  • Quick, yet meticulous inspection
  • Affordable asbestos inspection cost
  • Jobsite clean up after the work is done

Call Puget Sound Abatement for an honest, detailed, and accurate asbestos test on your Edgewood property. Reach us at (425) 336-0611.