Asbestos Testing Kent

asbestos-testing-kent-waWhen buying a new property, it is important to schedule an asbestos test to determine the presence of asbestos. This once-popular construction material is known to cause numerous severe health issues.

Although not used anymore, the presence of asbestos can still be found in construction materials like sealants, tiles, gaskets and heat insulation. Contact Puget Sound Abatement to schedule your required asbestos test for your property, just as many other homeowners and new property buyers in Kent, WA have done.

In addition to asbestos testing services, we also provide:

  • Inspection
  • Abatement
  • Encapsulation
  • Removal


All asbestos samples collected by our technicians are sent to a NATA-certified asbestos test lab. By using this lab we ensure accurate results for every asbestos test. From there, we can determine the best course of action to reverse your asbestos issue.

Asbestos Test Kent

asbestos-test-kent-waSpecialized equipment and tools are necessary for an accurate asbestos test and results. That is why asbestos inspection and every asbestos test should be done by professionals. It can be stressful finding a reliable and experienced asbestos inspection company, but it is worth the effort since your health and your family's health is at stake.

Our asbestos testing services in the Kent community include:

  • Collecting samples
  • Sending samples to a certified asbestos testing lab for results
  • Decontaminating the area and equipment
  • Providing assistance if asbestos presence is confirmed


We use high quality asbestos test kits to retrieve samples of asbestos-containing materials, while also ensuring that no asbestos dust or fiber escapes into the air. For further details about our asbestos inspection services and costs, contact our team of experts today.

Kent Asbestos Inspection

asbestos-inspection-kent-waWhen the health and safety of you and your family is involved, it's important to hire the best asbestos inspection company in Kent for their asbestos testing services. Asbestos inspection competitors may offer their asbestos test and other services at lower costs, but consider other important factors such as:

  • Years of experience
  • Use of specialized equipment
  • Techniques used for sampling
  • Trained personnel


We fulfill the above requirements and are the best choice for asbestos inspection in Kent. We are knowledgeable, reasonable and known for our reputable asbestos testing services. Consider reviews from our past satisfied clients and you'll feel confident using the asbestos inspection services we provide.

Contact Puget Sound Abatement at (425) 336-0611 to discuss your asbestos testing and asbestos inspection needs in the Kent community.