Asbestos Testing Marysville

asbestos-testing-marysville-waBuildings that are being renovated or demolished must have an asbestos inspection done to assess if there is a presence of asbestos. Asbestos was widely used in building materials before the 1970s and was proven to be very dangerous. Effective asbestos removal by professionals is essential to control its release.

Call Puget Sound Abatement for thorough asbestos testing in any Marysville, WA area property. Our technicians follow all OSHA safety measures into account when inspecting and conducting an asbestos test. We offer asbestos inspection and asbestos testing using the following:

  • Federally approved kits
  • Latest techniques
  • Experienced technicians

Do not take the presence of asbestos-containing materials in your property lightly. Call us for asbestos testing before starting any demolition or remodel project. Consider the asbestos testing cost as an investment in the safety of your property, family, and staff.

Asbestos Test Marysville

asbestos-test-marysville-waAsbestos is hazardous when inhaled. Conducting an asbestos test yourself is not advisable as you need the proper gear and safety equipment when testing for asbestos. Have professionals like us handle the asbestos test in your Marysville area property and protect your family or employees from any asbestos exposure.

We will perform an asbestos test in all area that could contain asbestos including:

  • Flooring
  • Walls and ceiling
  • Roofing and insulation
  • Siding

Our asbestos testing is done using proven techniques and instruments. You can count on us for complete test results. If the presence of asbestos is confirmed, we can professionally remove the asbestos safely, following all the federal, state and local regulations for asbestos removal and abatement.

Marysville Asbestos Inspection

asbestos-inspection-marysville-waHaving the services of AHERA (Air Hazard Emergency Response Act) certified professionals for asbestos inspection for your Marysville area property is recommended to assure you of professional services and accurate results. Choosing our meticulously conducted asbestos inspection services guarantees you are doing your best to safeguard people against any asbestos exposure on your property.

Trust us for efficient asbestos inspection for your personal or commercial property as we are:

  • Reliable and reputable
  • Thorough professionals
  • Fully committed

Our team of inspectors is fully licensed and trained to handle asbestos inspections. They pay attention to their safety and follow industry standards to keep everyone in your neighborhood safe.

Give a call to Puget Sound Abatement at (425) 336-0611 if you are looking for competent and reliable professionals to carry out an asbestos test in your Marysville area property.