Asbestos Testing Steilacoom

Asbestos-Testing-Steilacoom-WAAsbestos, a component of several building materials, is a known carcinogenic. No level of asbestos exposure is presumed safe for humans or pets. That is why there are state and federal regulations in place for its control. Asbestos inspection and asbestos testing in Steilacoom, WA area properties has been made mandatory before starting any:

  • Demolition project
  • Remodeling job
  • Repair work


The purpose of asbestos testing and inspection is to locate all asbestos-containing materials in the property. Disturbance of these during the projects mentioned above could release hazardous asbestos fibers in the air. So, you must remove the potentially dangerous materials located by the asbestos test before beginning any renovation, demolition, or repair activity.

Puget Sound Abatement is certified for conducting asbestos testing in Steilacoom homes and commercial properties. Give us a call if you need a visual asbestos inspection, limited asbestos test, or extensive asbestos testing done in your building.

Asbestos Test Steilacoom

Asbestos-Test-Steilacoom-WAOur company employs OSHA-competent technicians with vast experience in asbestos inspection and testing. They understand the gravity of the work they do and are dedicated to ensuring the safety of property owners they serve as well as of everyone living and working on the properties where the asbestos test is done.

At the same time, our technicians are committed to upholding the high standards of integrity and professionalism that are the foundation of our company. Hiring us to carry out an asbestos test in your Steilacoom area property, rely on our experts to:

  • Give attention to details
  • Do a thorough, reliable job
  • Deliver unbiased report and correct results
  • NOT recommend unnecessary asbestos abatement


We send our crew fully prepared with the most advanced asbestos testing lab equipment for making an on-site test.

Steilacoom Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos-Inspection-Steilacoom-WAAsbestos inspection is not something you can ignore or take lightly. You would not want to expose your loved ones, guests, staff, clients, business associates, or neighbors to the severe health risks associated with inhaling or ingesting asbestos.

Do not even think about buying an asbestos test kit and doing the job yourself. You must strive to hire the most competent and experienced professionals available for performing an asbestos inspection in your Steilacoom area property. That would be us!

We bring you the peace of mind from getting asbestos inspection services from a contractor that:

  • Is licensed and bonded
  • Believes in competitive pricing
  • Has a reputation for doing seamless work


Call (425) 336-0611 to speak with the experts at Puget Sound Abatement for doing asbestos test in your Steilacoom property.