Asbestos Testing University Place

Asbestos-Testing-University-Place-WAAre you planning some remodeling or demolition work in your property and need to get an asbestos test done before starting it? Are you looking for an experienced and reputable company that is certified for conducting asbestos testing in the University Place, WA area? If so, then you have reached the right place.

Puget Sound Abatement is the leading source throughout the region for asbestos inspection and asbestos testing services. We offer customized services to meet the diverse needs of people who are concerned about the presence of asbestos in the building materials used on their property. We can help both residential and commercial property owners know the need for asbestos removal from their building through:

  • Visual asbestos inspection
  • Extensive asbestos testing
  • Limited asbestos test


Get in touch with us today to schedule a visit by our technicians for asbestos testing on your University Place property.

Asbestos Test University Place

Asbestos-Test-University-Place-WANobody understands better than us how important it is that the asbestos inspection and asbestos test in your building be done very diligently. Any oversight on the part of technicians handling the job can have disastrous consequences for the concerned property owner.

Call us to carry out an asbestos test in your University Place home or business without worrying about the quality of services that will be delivered. We work with:

  • Cutting-edge asbestos testing lab instruments
  • A high degree of professionalism
  • Commitment to protecting your best interests


Why take chances hiring somebody else to check your property for asbestos when we are here to serve? Do not even think about going the DIY way with an asbestos test kit! That would be wrong and unreliable.

University Place Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos-Inspection-University-Place-WADemolition done for a remodel job or for additional construction work on your property can disturb an asbestos-containing material. This can contaminate air in the surroundings with harmful asbestos fibers. This is the reason asbestos inspection on University Place properties has been made mandatory before pulling anything down.

It is important that you get asbestos testing and inspection done in your building not just from any company authorized to do so, but from one that is reputed to do it:

  • Carefully
  • Properly
  • Honestly


Come to us for asbestos inspection services. Our technicians take pride in doing a seamless job and are well-equipped for it. Moreover, our prices are competitive and keep the asbestos inspection cost easy on your pocket.

Puget Sound Abatement is the #1 choice for an asbestos test on University Place properties. Call (425) 336-0611.