Asbestos Testing Vashon Island

Asbestos-Testing-Vashon-Island-WA It is highly unlikely that dormant asbestos will cause any damage to anyone around it. However, if the asbestos is disturbed, then the fibers get released into the air which if inhaled can lead to deadly health hazards. As asbestos is used in many building or insulating materials, the chances of asbestos disturbance are higher during renovations or demolition.

For times like these, put your trust in Puget Sound Abatement for highly reliable asbestos testing services in Vashon Island, WA. We have gained a healthy reputation as we provide efficient and affordable asbestos testing for your safety. Choose us for any small or complex asbestos testing job because we:

  • Are available 24/7
  • Bring in advanced equipment and heavy machinery
  • Send over highly skilled abatement employees
  • Are a customer oriented business

Get in touch with us to learn more about our services or to schedule us for an asbestos testing job around Vashon Island.

Asbestos Test Vashon Island


An asbestos test is a highly technical process which should not be handles by amateurs. It is best advised to look around for certified experts like us to carry out an asbestos test at your property. Give a call to our experts who will then estimate a fair quote after taking in all necessary measurements and notes.

We arrive equipped with complete safety gear and advanced asbestos test kit and strips to ensure the task is done right the first time. Our asbestos test team in Vashon Island can assist you with:

  • Visual, limited, or extensive asbestos test
  • Commercial, residential, or industrial properties
  • On site or off-site testing

Asbestos Inspection Vashon Island

Asbestos-Inspection-Vashon-Island-WA For viable results, it is necessary to use a certified and highly experienced company for asbestos inspection. Ever since we were established, we have strived to provide efficient and affordable services to our customers. Get in touch with us for accurate asbestos inspection whether you own a small home or multi-family complexes.

Hiring us for an asbestos inspection job in Vashon Island ensures:

  • Timely completion of job
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Precise and honest results
  • Highly courteous staff

Do your research, read reviews, and once you are satisfied, make the right decision of calling us for asbestos inspection at your property. Lets us handle the stress and safety of your property so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

Planning for asbestos testing? Call Puget Sound Abatement at (425) 336-0611 for thorough asbestos inspection in Vashon Island or the surrounding area.