Asbestos Testing West Seattle

Asbestos-Testing-West-Seattle-WAAsbestos is considered as an excellent source of insulation which is why it is continued to be used in roofing materials, water lines, and automobiles. Even though asbestos is safe in dormant stage, if disturbed can lead to numerous deadly health hazards. Therefore, when you plan to demolish or renovate your property, it is best advised to schedule asbestos testing.

Puget Sound Abatement is a reliable and reputable name in the industry that you can count on for asbestos testing in West Seattle, WA. Do not ignore the possibility of asbestos fibers present around you, call us for asbestos testing for complete peace of mind. We are well known for asbestos testing in West Seattle because we offer:

  • Quick turnaround times
  • Thorough asbestos inspection
  • Affordable pricing
  • Excellent customer service


Asbestos Test West Seattle

Asbestos-Test-West-Seattle-WAScheduling a full asbestos test prior to demolition is not only legally sound, but also protects the health of people around. Even though the use of asbestos in construction material has been reduced to a minimum, it is not completely absent. It is best advised to call for experts like us for a precise asbestos test at your property.

As a highly competent and certified company, we offer asbestos test services for every sector including:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


Our technicians arrive well equipped with experience and advanced asbestos test kits in West Seattle. Reach us today to learn more about our services or for complete asbestos inspection at your home or business.

Asbestos Inspection West Seattle

Asbestos-Inspection-West-Seattle-WAIf you are in search of professional asbestos inspection services near West Seattle, make us your first call. Ever since we were established, we have strived to deliver top quality services and awareness about asbestos. Our technicians will carry out an asbestos test ensuring safety measures for themselves and everyone around them.

If the presence of asbestos fibers are noticed during an asbestos test, we offer:

  • Encapsulation
  • Abatement
  • Removal


We are a customer oriented business and focus on delivering ultimate and a hassle free service experience. Our professionalism and commitment to providing accurate results by incorporating modern equipment is what makes us stand out. We are committed to your safety, the question remains, are you? Call us today for an emergency or pre-scheduled asbestos inspection at your residential or commercial properties.

Planning for asbestos testing? Call Puget Sound Abatement at (425) 336-0611 for thorough asbestos inspection in West Seattle or the surrounding area.