Demolition Services for Bellevue Residential and Commercial Interiors


Many remodeling or modification projects in residential and commercial properties require demolitions of the interior space. This is a specialized task that calls for the expert attention of qualified demolition contractors like Puget Sound Abatement.

We are a licensed and bonded demolition company that serves Bellevue, WA, catering to the interior demolition needs of:

  • Property owners
  • General contractors
  • Construction managers
  • Businesses
  • Government organizations

From ripping out the interiors completely to partial demolishing with removal of selected structures, our demolition company does it all for Bellevue residents.

Though our work involves a lot of destruction, it needs to be done without destroying the rest of the property or compromising its overall structural integrity. We realize this, and make sure that all our demolition work in Bellevue properties is done in a systematic manner, with careful attention to detail.

Demolition Company Serving Bellevue - Asbestos and Lead Based Paint (RRP)


Many properties that engage the services of our demolition company in Bellevue are relatively old and usually contain asbestos and lead. Dismantling them can be hazardous because once they are disturbed they release asbestos and lead dust that can have devastating health impacts.

That is why it is important to hire knowledgeable and capable demolition contractors like us who are also expert at asbestos and Lead Based Paint (RRP) . With our demolition company, Bellevue residents can be sure that the demolishing will be done according to government regulations, and their property will be left:

  • Clean
  • Hazard-free
  • Safe to be on

Why Choose Us as Your Demolition Contractors in Bellevue?


The key factor that distinguishes our demolition company from the other demolition contractors in the Bellevue area is the courteous way we treat our customers and focus on exceeding their expectations.

We are always ready to go the extra mile to make sure all the home and business owners we serve as demolition contractors in Bellevue are 100% satisfied with us. To achieve this objective, we have:

  • Knowledgeable and courteous staff to answer all queries of customers
  • Expert estimators to give them an accurate job quote
  • Highly trained technicians to get the job done seamlessly
  • Cutting-edge tools to ensure smooth and professional job execution
  • Advanced safety and waste disposal equipment for a safe job completion

Our sincere efforts have made us one of the most well-reputed demolition contractors in Bellevue.

Bellevue residents should call Puget Sound Abatement at 425-251-0864 when they need the services of an accomplished and dependable interior demolition company.