Lead Abatement for Bellingham Area Home and Business Buildings

lead abatement bellingham waPuget Sound Abatement offers lead abatement services for Bellingham area home and business buildings. We check lead contamination in:

  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial facilities being renovated

We are licensed lead abatement contractors who ensure that all our lead abatement work conform to the local regulations in the Bellingham area. To ensure incident-free lead abatement, we use the services of duly trained technicians who wear suitable protective gear and use the latest and best technologies.

No job is too large or too small. You can count on us to provide quick and efficient lead abatement services in the Bellingham area. Our lead abatement services are also economical and stress-free.

Lead Paint Abatement to Control Lead Hazards in the Bellingham Area

lead paint abatement bellingham waOne of the most common causes of lead poisoning is inhalation of lead dust generated from surfaces with lead-based paints when they are disturbed during repairs or demolitions. Exposure to lead can cause:

  • High blood pressure
  • Nervous system and brain damage
  • Learning & behavior issues
  • Reproductive problems
  • Other serious health issues

We understand the enormity of lead hazards and realize the importance of tackling them with correct lead paint abatement techniques. Our technicians look at controlling lead hazards in the Bellingham area not with temporary fixes, but permanent lead paint abatement solutions.

We make available personalized lead paint abatement services modified to your needs. Depending on the severity of the condition, we accomplish lead paint abatement by enclosing or removing the structure/surface in question.

We have what it takes to deliver unblemished lead paint abatement services for the Bellingham area.

Why Choose Us for Lead Removal Services in the Bellingham Area?

lead removal bellingham waWe are proven experts. Other reasons to choose us for your lead removal services in the Bellingham area include:

  • We promote ethical business practices
  • We provide a secure work environment
  • We offer quality workmanship

To ensure incident-free lead removal, we utilize the services of only well-trained technicians. We also ensure that our lead removal work complies with the local regulations in the Bellingham area.

Safety and thoroughness are our top priorities in every lead removal project. We also see to it that our lead removal experts use appropriate protective gear and top-of-the-line technologies.

If you are in the Bellingham, WA area and require lead paint abatement services, call Puget Sound Abatement at (425) 336-0611 for faultless lead abatement and lead removal services.