Lead Abatement Services for DuPont Home and Business Buildings


Lead is very toxic metal that had been used extensively before 1978 to manufacture paints. As a result, it is still prevalent in the environment and poses a danger in and around old structures and in specific work environments. Puget Sound Abatement is available to help in identifying the potential for exposure to this toxic metal and execute necessary steps for proper lead abatement in DuPont, WA.

Lead abatement in DuPont should only be carried out by persons experienced in lead removal. Common renovation activities that can create dangerous dust and chips by upsetting lead-based paint include:

  • Sanding
  • Cutting
  • Demolition

We have the personnel and expertise necessary to provide lead abatement in DuPont, eliminating the risk of exposure to residential and commercial property owners. Our lead abatement services in DuPont prevent paint from contaminating the rest of the property.

Lead Paint Abatement to Control Lead Hazards in DuPont


Lead-based paint is a hazardous material, and our team is trained to perform complete lead paint abatement in DuPont in a safe and efficient manner. Our lead paint abatement professionals will remove this hazardous material from:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Window and doors
  • Exterior siding

We are one of the leading lead paint abatement providers for DuPont residential and commercial property owners. We have built this strong reputation by offering superior customer service, responsiveness, excellent workmanship, and very competitive pricing. Our number one priority is to ensure the health and safety of our property owners.

Why Choose Us for Lead Removal Services in DuPont?


When it comes to a lead removal company for your DuPont home or business, we are your go-to source. We offer lead removal in DuPont using safe and effective techniques. Our lead removal team will arrive at your home or office building to determine and estimate the scope and cost of the lead paint abatement project. We will walk through the property to find out the best method to remove this toxic metal from your property.

No lead paint abatement job is too big or too small for us. Each project will receive the same attention to detail that we are known for. We are dedicated to doing the right thing for our clients every time. Our features include:

  • Licensed and bonded technicians
  • Extensive experience in lead removal
  • Highly-ranked customer satisfaction

If you need lead abatement or lead removal services for your DuPont home or business, contact Puget Sound Abatement today at 425-251-0864, and schedule an appointment.