Lead Abatement Services for Everett Area Home and Business Buildings


A large number of Everett, WA area residents residing in older establishments having lead-based paints often feel the need for lead abatement services. Since services like lead paint abatement and lead removal offer true results when delivered by trained lead abatement experts, it is wise to count on professional help to prevent problems due to lead contamination in the Everett area.

Puget Sound Abatement is a reputed lead abatement company in the Everett area, offering complete lead removal services. Backed by a team of trained lead abatement experts, we carefully evaluate the severity of the problem to provide efficient lead paint abatement and lead removal services in the Everett area. Aiming at customer-satisfaction, we provide:

  • Lead abatement services from well-informed specialists
  • Top-notch lead abatement services
  • Safe lead abatement services
  • Lead abatement services for homes and offices
  • Prompt lead abatement services

Lead Paint Abatement to Control Lead Hazards in the Everett Area


The inhalation of lead fumes can be hazardous to your health. Thus, if your lead paint begins to deteriorate at the time of renovation or remodeling of your the Everett area property, ensure to look for lead paint abatement services to prevent lead hazards.

By selecting our lead paint abatement services in the Everett area, you can benefit from our experience in the lead abatement industry. Our lead removal specialists are given thorough training to ensure their capability to provide effective lead paint abatement services to prevent issues because of lead contamination in the Everett area. We are committed to delivering the following to our prestigious Everett area clients:

  • Safe lead paint abatement services
  • Immediate response to lead paint abatement needs
  • Customized lead paint abatement services
  • Assistance of well-equipped lead paint abatement professionals
  • Lead paint abatement services at competetive prices

Why Choose Us for Lead Removal Services in the Everett Area?


With many older buildings having lead-based paint in the Everett area, lead removal has become a necessity. Since lead removal demands expertise, seek the help of lead abatement experts for better results.

Serving as lead paint abatement specialists, we can successfully cater to your lead removal needs in the Everett area. Choose us for lead removal services since we are recognized to offer the following in the Everett area:

  • Licensed lead removal services
  • Lead removal services while meeting local safety rules
  • Advanced lead removal services
  • Trusted lead removal services
  • Emergency lead paint abatement services

For all types of lead abatement needs, residents of the Everett area can call Puget Sound Abatement at 425-251-0864.