Lead Abatement Services for Kent Home and Business Buildings

lead-abatement-kent-waThe residents of Kent, WA cannot afford to take chances with the health of their families or employees.

Therefore, they should hire only reliable lead abatement and lead removal experts to handle the lead hazards in their home or business building. They should call Puget Sound Abatement.

Our licensed and bonded lead abatement company serves Kent with customized lead removal solutions. We cater to residential as well as commercial lead abatement and lead removal needs, and are experienced in working on diverse jobsites that include:

•    Homes
•    Strip malls
•    Office buildings
•    Parking garages
•    Power plants
•    Refineries

We employ qualified and trained technicians to ensure flawless results in all lead abatement and lead removal jobs in Kent. Our lead abatement experts can be trusted to use the most effective, safe and cost-efficient lead removal techniques in every project.

Lead Paint Abatement to Control Lead Hazards in Kent

lead-paint-abatement-kent-waDeteriorated or damaged lead-based paint is one of the primary sources of lead exposure. To control this lead hazard, our lead paint abatement professionals are available to remove surfaces in Kent buildings coated with such paints.

We recognize the critical importance of lead paint abatement and lead removal services for our clients and never take any lead paint abatement job lightly.

Kent lead paint abatement projects of every size are handled by our skillful lead paint abatement technicians with meticulous attention and advanced equipment.  

We respond promptly to all lead paint abatement calls and make every effort to ensure that our lead paint abatement work gets completed:

•    Without project delays
•    Without any oversight
•    With full compliance to all laws regulating lead paint abatement
•    With minimum inconvenience to Kent client

Why Choose Us for Lead Removal Services in Kent?

lead-removal-kent-waWhen getting services as important as lead paint abatement and lead removal, Kent residents must always give precedence to quality and safety. They can assure themselves of thoroughly satisfying lead abatement services by hiring us for the job.

Our lead abatement company makes a perfect choice for lead paint abatement and lead removal services in Kent properties because of:

•    The unmatched competence of our lead abatement and removal technicians
•    Our top-of-the-line lead abatement tools and technologies
•    Our environmentally safe lead removal and disposal methods
•    Competitive pricing of our lead abatement and lead removal services

Kent residents interested in quality lead paint abatement and lead removal services at fair prices should contact Puget Sound Abatement. Call our lead abatement specialists at (425) 336-0611.