Lead Abatement Services for Parkland Home and Business Buildings


Puget Sound Abatement is a licensed and bonded lead abatement company that provides the residential and commercial property owners of Parkland, WA with lead paint abatement services.

Lead is a highly toxic metal that was commonly used prior to 1978 in paints and some other products. The deterioration of such lead-coated surfaces over time creates lead dust, exposure to which can have adverse health effects. Lead abatement in Parkland buildings that undergo demolition or repair work is necessary to resolve the resulting lead hazards.

We are certified to perform lead paint abatement in homes and commercial properties in the community. After conducting lead testing to assess the lead abatement needs in any Parkland property, we carry out lead paint abatement using the most suitable of the different methods of:

  • Lead removal
  • Encasement of lead-based building components
  • Enclosure of lead-paint surfaces


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Lead Paint Abatement to Control Lead Hazards in Parkland


We are committed to delivering the finest possible lead paint abatement services to Parkland residents. Our company uses cutting-edge tools & technologies to ensure a high degree of precision in lead inspections and testing. We follow it up with seamless lead paint abatement in the Parkland property, making sure to:

  • Put vigorously trained technicians on the job
  • Set up proper dust-containment barriers before starting the work
  • Perform lead abatement or lead removal with diligence and attention to detail
  • Clean up the job-site thoroughly after the job is done


The goal of our lead paint abatement services in Parkland is to leave our customers with a pristine and safe environment.

Why Choose Us for Lead Removal Services in Parkland?


Improper lead removal in your Parkland home or business place is as hazardous for you and your family/staff as not having lead abatement done at all. Therefore, you must strive to hire competent, experienced, and reliable professionals for lead removal from your Parkland property.

Choose us for the job. With our knowledge and experience, we are fully aware of all the aspects of every big or small lead paint abatement project. We are also extremely sensitive to customer expectations, and assure you of getting your lead removal job in Parkland done:

  • In a quick, systematic, effective and stress-free manner
  • With least disruption in your household or business activities
  • At a fair and competitive price


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