Lead Abatement Services for South Hill Home and Business Buildings


The paint used in most buildings in South Hill, WA that were built before 1978 was lead-based. When this paint deteriorates with time or gets disturbed during renovations or demolitions, it releases extremely harmful lead dust. Owners of such properties should engage the services of lead removal and abatement specialists when their place undergoes any repairs or has surfaces with peeling paint.

Puget Sound Abatement is a trusted source for quality lead abatement services in South Hill. Our lead removal company is licensed and bonded. We ensure seamless and successful lead abatement services for South Hill residents by taking care that all our jobs have:

  • Experienced project managers
  • Knowledgeable technicians, well-trained in latest lead removal techniques
  • Top-of-the-line lead paint abatement equipment
  • Advanced protective gear necessary for incident-free lead abatement

We offer lead abatement services in South Hill for homes as well as business buildings.

Lead Paint Abatement to Control Lead Hazards in South Hill


We believe that everyone has a right to a secure, hazard-free home and work place. Therefore, we go all out to ensure that our lead paint abatement work in South Hill properties is done to the highest specifications.

Our company maintains the capabilities for conducting lead paint abatement through lead removal, enclosure, or encasement. We use all our knowledge, skills, and experience to ensuring that every lead abatement job is done using the most appropriate technique.

Moreover, we make sure that our lead paint abatement services in South Hill are delivered:

  • In a very well-organized and competent manner
  • Scrupulously, with extreme care and attention
  • In accordance with all regulations governing lead abatement in the region
  • With a genuine commitment to giving customers a safe living/work place

Why Choose Us for Lead Removal Services in South Hill?


At a time when you are worried about the lead hazards present in your home or business place, the last thing you need is unprofessional services from an unscrupulous lead paint abatement company.

That is why you should call us for lead removal from your South Hill property. We offer you everything that is necessary to ensure a highly satisfying experience on your lead abatement job:

  • Quick, effective and reliable lead paint abatement
  • Fair, upfront and competitive pricing
  • Great customer support every step of the way

Choose us for lead removal services in South Hill. We are confident that you will agree that you made the right choice!

Trust only the experts for lead paint abatement and lead removal in South Hill. Call Puget Sound Abatement at 425-251-0864.