Lead Abatement Services for University Place Area Home and Business Buildings


When lead fumes or dust is inhaled, lead poisoning can occur and cause harm to human health. This is when acquiring lead paint abatement and lead removal service from a professional lead abatement company is necessary in the University Place, WA area.

Puget Sound Abatement offers quality lead abatement and lead removal services in the University Place area to prevent you from lead contamination. Our lead abatement company is adept at catering to all lead paint abatement and lead removal needs with perfection in the University Place area. We provide:

  • Committed lead abatement services
  • Lead abatement services for University Place area residential and commercial buildings
  • Advanced lead abatement services
  • Lead abatement services from trained professionals
  • Cost-efficient lead abatement services

Lead Paint Abatement to Control Lead Hazards in the University Place Area


Lead paint abatement is one of the best ways to remove lead paints and prevent lead hazards in the University Place area. Since lead paint abatement demands experience, ensure to get service from seasoned lead abatement specialists to expect positive results.

Offering safe lead paint abatement and lead removal services, we have gained the reputation of being trusted lead abatement professionals in the University Place area. We ensure to use the latest techniques for delivering precise lead paint abatement service to our University Place area clients. Besides, our lead abatement specialists make certain to comply with the University Place area regulation while providing you with:

  • Secure lead paint abatement services
  • Reliable lead paint abatement services
  • Careful lead paint abatement services
  • Damage-free lead paint abatement services
  • Rapid lead paint abatement services

Why Choose Us for Lead Removal Services in the University Place Area?


The need for professional lead removal services cannot be denied when you encounter lead contamination problems in your University Place area home or workplace. Lead abatement experts analyze the severity of the problem and deliver effective lead removal services that offer positive results to you in the University Place area.

Bring your lead removal needs to us in the University Place area. Backed by a team of well-informed and devoted professionals, we are capable of handling all types of lead removal requirements with perfection. Choose us for lead removal as we offer:

  • Quick response for lead removal needs
  • Expert assistance for lead removal
  • Meticulous lead removal service
  • Real results from our services
  • Service from licensed and highly trained professionals

For proficient lead paint abatement services, residents of the University Place area can call Puget Sound Abatement at 425-251-0864.