Lead Abatement Services for Woodinville Home and Business Buildings


A number of homes and business buildings in Woodinville, WA, especially those constructed prior to 1978, contain lead-based paints. These paints get disturbed when demolitions or repairs are carried out on the property.

Exposure to the resultant lead dust can lead to severe health problems, and therefore, it is necessary to hire certified lead abatement contractors for demolition/renovation projects. Come to Puget Sound Abatement when you need expert lead abatement services in Woodinville. We serve you with technicians that:

  • Are duly trained in lead paint abatement
  • Have proven lead removal skills
  • Undergo on-going training in lead abatement
  • Are OSHA-competent

We assure you of superior lead abatement services that make your Woodinville property totally lead-free. Our affordable prices and customer-friendly attitude further ensures that you are thoroughly satisfied with our lead abatement work in your Woodinville home or work place.

Lead Paint Abatement to Control Lead Hazards in Woodinville


Lead removal is not a DIY job. Inefficient lead paint abatement in any Woodinville residential or commercial property can expose its inhabitants to several health hazards. Do not take chances with the safety of your family members, employees, or clients. Call us for lead paint abatement in your Woodinville property so that all possible lead hazards are effectively controlled and removed.

Responding to your call with due urgency and seriousness, we offer customized solutions to meet your lead paint abatement requirements in Woodinville and deliver services that are:

  • Quick
  • Efficient
  • Fully compliant

Why Choose Us for Lead Removal Services in Woodinville?


Hire the finest lead removal services in Woodinville, and be sure that your home or business property is completely rid of the toxic metal. Give our lead abatement experts a chance to serve you.

Choosing us for lead removal services in Woodinville makes sense because, among other things, we are:

  • Licensed and bonded
  • Highly experienced in handling lead abatement projects of all sizes
  • Reputed for seamless, hassle-free lead paint abatement services

The quality of our lead paint abatement services impacts how safe it is to live in or work on your property. We realize this and deliver lead removal services of the highest order.

We take pride in our excellent safety record that we credit to our insistence on doing all lead removal work in Woodinville in a properly planned manner, with attention to the smallest of details.

The search of Woodinville residents for quality lead paint abatement service at a fair price ends at Puget Sound Abatement. Call us at 425-251-0864.