Lead Testing for Bonney Lake Residential & Commercial Property

lead-testing-bonney-lake-waLead is a mineral that has been used in many products and now is known to cause severe health risks. That is why you need to have lead testing performed to ensure that you are safe and protected. If you suspect your home or business in Bonney Lake, WA may have the presence of lead, then it is absolutely essential to have lead testing performed.

A lead test is essential for your Bonney Lake property since it helps you determine the risk. Count on the pros at Puget Sound Abatement for your lead testing needs. We have the experience and expertise to perform a fast, reliable lead test.

Below are the benefits of choosing our lead testing services:

  • No job is too big or small
  • Your safety is our priority
  • Accurate lead test results

Why is a Lead Test Important in Bonney Lake?

lead-test-bonney-lake-waIf you are buying a new property or own a home that was built prior to 1978, it is crucial to get a lead test done. The primary sources of lead include:

  • Old paint on walls
  • Lead plumbing pipes
  • Soil contaminated by gasoline

Lead-based materials can cause many health problems. If swallowed or inhaled, lead dust can cause lead poisoning. We have years of experience providing dependable lead testing services in the Bonney Lake area. Residential and commercial clients count on us for their lead testing needs. We look forward to helping you ensure a safe living and working environment.

Bonney Lake Lead Inspection - Identify Lead Paint Exposure Risk

lead-inspection-bonney-lake-waA lead inspection is designed to answer questions, such as “Is there lead present in my home?” and “Where exactly is the lead risk?” A lead inspection is particularly important if you are considering:

  • Renovation
  • Remodeling
  • Demolition

For a lead inspection in Bonney Lake, contact our pros. Our systematic approach to lead inspection is thorough and efficient. With our professional, affordable lead inspection services, you can find out if there is a presence of lead on your property. This way you can determine the next steps.

Many property owners depend on us when they need reliable lead inspection and testing. If you are purchasing a property or are worried that your family might be vulnerable to lead exposure risk, we can help. We can also help you with your lead removal needs.

If you would like to get a lead test performed in Bonney Lake or its nearby areas, please do not hesitate to call Puget Sound Abatement at (425) 336-0611 today.