Lead Testing for Kenmore Residential & Commercial Property

lead-testing-kenmore-waIf your home or property is contaminated with lead, you may be putting your health at risk. Lead occurs naturally in the environment, but exposure to high levels of this toxic material can cause serious problems.

A lead test is one of the best ways to determine if you are at risk of exposure, but lead testing should only be performed by a professional. Puget Sound Abatement provides lead testing services to clients in Kenmore, WA and its surrounding areas.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality lead testing in the Kenmore area. We provide our lead testing services to residential and clients both.

Our key features include:

  • Detailed lead inspection
  • Testing done by qualified professionals
  • Lead abatement services

Why is a Lead Test Important in Kenmore?

lead-test-kenmore-waLead-based paint is a hazard. If left undisturbed, it does not usually create a problem. However, if you are planning to undertake a remodeling job or even if the paint begins to flake, it can result in serious health problems.

The first step to eliminating lead-based paint risks in a property is a proper identification of the lead presence. Let us perform a lead test in your Kenmore home or business property. Our lead testing services can help you identify any presence of this toxic substance on your property.

No job is ever too small or too large for us. With us, you can expect timely, reliable lead test results. If a lead test identifies the presence of lead on your property, we will recommend an efficient removal plan.

The benefits of choosing us for your lead testing needs include our:

  • High level of responsiveness
  • Great customer service
  • Reasonable rates

Kenmore Lead Inspection - Identify Lead Paint Exposure Risk

lead-inspection-kenmore-waLead inspection is a thorough analysis of the lead content present in painted surfaces. We highly encourage you to seek lead inspection if you are planning to undertake:

  • Renovation
  • Demolition
  • Painting

A lead inspection is also essential if you are buying a house that was built before 1978. Hiring a professional for lead inspection is important, as the process requires skills and knowledge.

That is why you should call our expert lead inspection services in Kenmore. If you suspect your home or property is affected by the presence of lead, we can help you find out for sure.

Want to schedule a lead test for your Kenmore home or business property? Please call Puget Sound Abatement on (425) 336-0611.