Lead Testing for Kent Residential & Commercial Property

lead-testing-kent-waPuget Sound Abatement performs lead inspection and lead testing in Kent, WA to assess lead exposure hazards in residential as well as commercial properties. We work with the objective of providing our customers with safe indoor environments, allowing them to live and work with their mind at ease.

Our company is licensed and bonded. We employ OSHA-competent technicians who are well-trained in conducting lead testing. We are equipped to handle lead testing jobs of any size or complexity.

Our company has always strived to maintain complete objectivity in every lead test it carries out. We see to it that the technicians sent over for lead testing in Kent properties:

  • Are committed to the safety of customers
  • Keep abreast of and comply with the latest codes
  • Take a patient, detail-oriented approach to the job
  • Work sincerely to conduct a flawless lead test

Why is a Lead Test Important in Kent?

lead-test-kent-waWas your property built before 1978 when lead-based paint was not yet banned and used quite commonly? If yes, then there is strong risk of lead exposure for everyone living or working in the building. Lead buildup can cause:

  • Developmental and behavioral issues in kids below 6
  • Hampered growth of fetuses, leading to early birth of underweight babies
  • Hypertension, low fertility and other complications in adults

To avoid such devastating health problems, lead inspection and lead testing in old Kent properties should be conducted before any exterior or interior surface is disturbed during demolition, repairs or remodeling projects.

It is equally important that property owners do not just pick up a lead test kit from the hardware store. They should hire qualified pros like us for lead testing to ensure that the effort is not a waste of time and money - and that they get accurate, reliable lead test results.

Kent Lead Inspection - Identify Lead Paint Exposure Risk

lead-inspection-kent-waWith several contractors offering lead inspection and testing services in your area, choosing which one to hire can be tricky. Luckily, we are here to make the choice easy!

Hiring us for lead inspection in Kent is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself, your property, your loved ones or your valued employees. With our lead inspection experts, you can be sure that:

  • NO lead paint exposure hazard remains unidentified
  • Your property receives the utmost respect
  • You're paying a fair price
  • Lead removal will be recommended only if actually required

Want to know the lead inspection cost in Kent or have any other questions? Call Puget Sound Abatement at (425) 336-0611.