Lead Testing South Hill

lead-testing-south-hill-waLead is a toxic metal that is harmful to everyone’s health. Humans have unknowingly been consuming lead through water and inhaling the dust of lead-based paints. Young and growing children are more prone to lead toxicity through the soil.

High levels in young growing children can cause damage to nerves and brain; impair the growth process, and cause organ failure and loss of hearing. There are no fixed and safe levels for lead exposure.

For protection from lead toxicity, it is important to have lead testing done before remodeling, repairs or demolition of a house. It helps to ascertain the levels of lead in soil, water and paints.

We at Puget Sound Abatement offer lead testing services for the residents and commercial property owners of South Hill, WA.We have a team of efficient technicians to carry out the testing for the presence of lead with:

  • Accuracy
  • Modern technology
  • Latest equipment

In addition to lead testing in South Hill, we provide inspection and abatement services.

Lead Test South Hill

lead-test-south-hill-waLead was used in building long before it was recognized as a toxic metal. These days the awareness of its ill effects on human health is well known so it is essential to guard against any exposure.

It is important to have a lead test done before proceeding with new construction, renovations or repair work. We have skilled and certified technicians undertaking your lead test. The lead test helps to ascertain:

  • Existing lead level
  • Abatement or removal requirements
  • Safety measures needed

We, being a customer-centric company, conduct lead tests in the South Hill area by using approved and proven methods.

South Hill Lead Inspection

lead-inspection-south-hill-waExposure to lead in paint, water or soil can be hazardous to your health, especially for children. The inspection will determine levels of lead in paints used in building, contaminating the soil, and the water.

Lead inspections are done by our certified contractors. If discovered, we will recommend safe remediation. We have professionally qualified and trained inspectors who conduct lead inspections with:

  • Skill and precision
  • Scientific techniques
  • Assured reliability

We are a licensed and approved company that offers meticulous services for lead inspection to South Hill residents. We offer matchless customer-centric services to our clients at the most affordable prices. Accordingly, we are considered one of the most trustworthy companies for lead inspection.

For any lead testing and lead inspection in the South Hill area, call Puget Sound Abatement at (425) 336-0611.