Lead Testing Tacoma

lead-testing-tacoma-waLead is one of the most hazardous substances found that affects human health. It was used extensively in homes and commercial buildings before 1978 and before people were aware of its negative aspects.

We at Puget Sound Abatement perform lead testing in Tacoma, WA. We help home and commercial property owners become aware that lead is present. We have an experienced team that provides accurate lead testing services on your property.

There are various negative effects of lead such as:

  • Risks for the unborn child
  • Mental and physical deformities
  • Highly toxic in nature

If your property was built before 1978 it is imperative you have lead testing done before you purchase, renovate or demolish the buildings. Tacoma property owners count on us to give them accurate lead testing results.

If you are planning to have lead testing done in your home or commercial properties give us a call. We will give you a written estimate of the cost of the lead testing that should be done.

Lead Test Tacoma

lead-test-tacoma-waTesting for lead is crucial to maintaining healthy living. We conduct lead test services in Tacoma through our team of experts. Our team is trained in all the aspects of testing.

If the lead test indicates a presence of lead on your property we can also provide appropriate removal services. We work with residential and commercial projects and:

  • Use exacting lead test procedures
  • Have trained testing personnel
  • Are compliance with all regulations and codes

Our team makes sure that the lead inspection is done accurately and thoroughly. We not only offer efficient and effective services but are licensed, bonded and insured. Please feel free to reach us to know more about our lead test services.

Tacoma Lead Inspection

lead-inspection-tacoma-waLead inspection is necessary to ensure that there is no lead on your property. Lead is a natural compound but in large quantities has various hazardous effects on your daily life and health.

Our lead inspection service in Tacoma is one of a kind. We ensure that we meet all codes and regulations when conducting our lead inspections and provide you with accurate results.

Some crucial reasons why you must have a lead inspection done are:

  • Saves you from various illness and diseases
  • To follow government codes and regulations
  • Prevents threat to unborn children

Let us give you the peace of mind knowing there is no lead present in your home or commercial buildings.

Call Puget Sound Abatement at (425) 336-0611 for lead testing and lead inspection in Tacoma.