Lead Testing West Seattle

lead-testing-west-seattle-waThere are chances that lead-based paint is present in your home if it was built before 1978. When older paint that is hidden under layers of newer paint becomes exposed due to cracks, demolition, or dampness, it can be harmful to people’s health.

Before the lead dust becomes airborne, have lead testing done by Puget Sound Abatement in your West Seattle, WA area home. We are a reliable name serving West Seattle area residents with detailed lead inspection and lead testing conducted by qualified professionals.

We provide:

  • Advanced lead testing equipment
  • Unbiased, correct lead test results
  • Tests at an affordable cost

For those who are planning a renovation or demolition of a building, it is important to conduct a lead test before the lead painted surfaces are disturbed. Once lead dust mixes with the air, it can damage the health of workers and people around. Lead inspection and lead-safe work practices through a timely lead test diminish chances of lead hazards.

Lead Test West Seattle

lead-test-west-seattle-waLead dust, when inhaled, can be the reason behind several health-related issues. It especially affects children and pregnant women. A reliable lead test on your West Seattle property is the only way to detect the presence of lead-based paint and take corrective action.

Whether inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin, lead can affect children by:

  • Mentally and physically delaying development
  • Developing learning difficulties
  • Damaging nervous system, kidneys, and hearing

Even with a new layer of paint, the threat of lead-based paint may be lurking in your home, hidden underneath the fresh paint. A thorough lead inspection and lead test by us would give you peace of mind and eliminate all your doubts.

West Seattle Lead Inspection

lead-inspection-west-seattle-waDid you always want to have a lead inspection in your West Seattle area property but have been delaying it thinking about the lead inspection cost? Call us for an estimate today!

Our expert technicians perform a lead testing job:

  • Meticulously
  • Responsibly
  • Accurately

Getting a lead inspection done gives you the opportunity to identify lead threats and take necessary steps for lead abatement and removal from your property. Hiring certified lead testing inspectors is safer because unauthorized services may put you at a lead exposure risk with incomplete or inaccurate lead test results.

For accurate lead testing and lead inspection in the West Seattle area trust Puget Sound Abatement. Reach us at (425) 336-0611 for a dependable lead test in your residential or commercial buildings.