Do You Have Vermiculite Insulation in Your Bonney Lake Home?

Vermiculite-Insulation-Bonney-Lake-WAThe excellent fire-resistance, durability, and insulation properties of vermiculite made it a highly sought-after home insulation material until 1990.

However, it was later found that the vermiculite mined from Libby, Montana (sold under the brand name Zonolite) contained large quantities of hazardous asbestos. This finding resulted in a huge demand for professional vermiculite insulation removal services in Bonney Lake, WA.

Puget Sound Abatement is a leading vermiculite removal company that has been catering to such needs. We offer top-notch vermiculite abatement and clean up services to help people get rid of the dangerous toxins present in their living spaces.

Homeowners who have installed Zonolite insulation in their attics and walls can call in our vermiculite removal experts to take the insulation out:

  • Carefully
  • Completely
  • Safely, without contaminating the surrounding environment

Those who are not sure if they used Zonolite and need vermiculite insulation removal from their Bonney Lake home can call in our technicians for testing vermiculite for asbestos.

Vermiculite Removal in Bonney Lake - Everything Except Crawl Space

Vermiculite-Removal-Bonney-Lake-WAVermiculite removal from Bonney Lake homes is especially essential if there is any repair or demolition work lined up. The insulation gets disturbed during such activities and can release asbestos fibers within the home.

Keep yourself and your loved ones protected by hiring us for vermiculite insulation removal before embarking upon a home renovation project. Our services are available for vermiculite removal everywhere in your home, except the crawl space. You can rest assured that the removal of hazardous vermiculite from your living spaces will be done:

  • Based on the applicable local codes
  • By trained OSHA-compliant technicians
  • By applying correct vermiculite removal methods
  • Using the appropriate safety measures

Protecting Families in Bonney Lake with Vermiculite Insulation Removal

Vermiculite-Insulation-Removal-Bonney-Lake-WAExposure to asbestos fibers can lead to serious health problems, such as lung cancer and damage to the respiratory system. By delaying vermiculite insulation removal from your Bonney Lake home, you are putting the health and safety of your family at great risk.

Why take such chances when a quick phone call is all that is necessary to bring our vermiculite insulation removal specialists to your home? Call us today to make sure that your family members:

  • Breathe in healthy, unpolluted air
  • Stay away from asbestos-related disorders
  • Remain protected

Whether you simply want vermiculite testing or which for vermiculite removal, we do it all at an affordable vermiculite removal cost.

Get in touch with Puget Sound Abatement for accurate and honest answers to your questions regarding vermiculite removal. Bonney Lake residents can reach us at 425-336-0611.