Do You Have Vermiculite Insulation in Your Burien Home?

Vermiculite-Insulation-Burien-WAWhen it is time to get vermiculite insulation removal done in your Burien, WA home, look no further than Puget Sound Abatement. We are a licensed and bonded company that has established itself as one of the most reliable sources in the region for vermiculite removal services.

It is advisable to schedule vermiculite insulation removal from Burien homes that were insulated with vermiculite (many houses until 1990). Zonolite, one of the most commonly used insulation brands, was discontinued after it was found to contain asbestos in large quantities. Zonolite insulation removal is necessary to eliminate the risk of hazardous asbestos dust polluting the air in homes.

You can hire us for:

  • Testing vermiculite for asbestos
  • Vermiculite removal from your home (if needed)
  • Hauling away and proper disposal of the removed vermiculite

Vermiculite Removal in Burien - Everything Except Crawl Space

Vermiculite-Removal-Burien-WAYou must make sure to hire the most capable, dependable, and well-equipped professionals that are available for servicing vermiculite removal needs in Burien. Give us a call. Our company understands the legalities, complexities, and dangers involved in the work.

We assure you that vermiculite insulation removal from the walls and attic of your home will be done by technicians who have the required:

  • Knowledge and training
  • Certifications
  • Experience
  • Vermiculite abatement tools and safety gear

Our OSHA-compliant technicians exercise the utmost caution while removing vermiculite. We have them adopt a vermiculite removal process that is customized to suit the specific conditions at the job site.

Our technicians always make use of approved and safe vermiculite removal methods.

Protecting Families in Burien with Vermiculite Insulation Removal

Vermiculite-Insulation-Removal-Burien-WAWe understand that we cannot afford to treat vermiculite insulation removal from Burien homes as a routine job; we do not take it lightly. Doing so could mean putting the health and life of our customers and their families at risk. We simply cannot let that happen!

We pride ourselves on being a highly ethical and service-oriented company. All the homeowners who engage our services can count on us to protect their families and:

  • Recommend vermiculite insulation removal only if it is actually required
  • Do all work in full compliance with federal, state, and regional codes
  • Always ensure a high level of precision in our services

Looking for professionals that you can trust for thorough, incident-free, affordable vermiculite removals services in Burien? Get in touch with Puget Sound Abatement. Call (425) 251-0864 now!