Do You Have Vermiculite Insulation in Your Edmonds Home?

Vermiculite-Insulation-Edmonds-WAIf you have vermiculite insulation in your Edmonds, WA home and want to get it removed by certified and reliable professionals, call Puget Sound Abatement.

Vermiculite, a mica-like mineral, was widely popular as a home insulation material until the mid-1990s. Subsequently, it was found that vermiculite coming from mines in Libby, Montana was severely contaminated with asbestos. Zonolite Insulation was the leading supplier of such vermiculite.

While the insulation presents no danger if it remains undisturbed, its removal is still recommended to prevent the release of hazardous asbestos dust in the air. If you have an Zonolite-insulated home, any demolition or repair work done on the property can be a risk.

Give us a call if you have neglected vermiculite insulation removal from your Edmonds home until now. Because not all vermiculite is asbestos-tainted, you can initially call us for help testing vermiculite for asbestos. If vermiculite abatement and clean up is found necessary, we get it done with our:

  • Extremely competent technicians
  • Specialized vermiculite removal process
  • Effective and safe vermiculite removal methods

Vermiculite Removal in Edmonds - Everything Except Crawl Space

Vermiculite-Removal-Edmonds-WAWhen homeowners decide to pay for vermiculite insulation removal from their home, they don't breathe easy until the job is done efficiently and without any hassles or complications. As a service-oriented company, we are sensitive to the anxieties of our customers who need vermiculite removal in Edmonds. We:

  • Respond promptly to requests for vermiculite removal services
  • Do complete and error-free work
  • Ensure proper and safe disposal of removed vermiculite

For further peace of mind and the protection of homeowners who hire us for vermiculite insulation removal, our company is licensed and bonded.

Protecting Families in Edmonds with Vermiculite Insulation Removal

Vermiculite-Insulation-Removal-Edmonds-WAOur vermiculite removal services are marked by the utmost diligence and a high degree of precision. We are well aware of the dangers involved in the task and realize that any negligence in handling vermiculite insulation removal in Edmonds can jeopardize the safety of our customers, their families, and even our technicians.

This is why we make sure to do every job:

  • With the detailed attention and caution that it demands
  • In strict adherence to local codes
  • Using the right tools and techniques
  • Taking appropriate protective measures

Our customers want vermiculite insulation removal to keep their families healthy. Our seamless services make that possible, and we keep families in the homes we work in safe from asbestos dangers.

To hire Puget Sound Abatement for vermiculite removal in Edmonds, call 425-336-0611.