Vermiculite Insulation SeaTac

vermiculite-insulation-seatac-waWaste no time ringing up the vermiculite removal experts at Puget Sound Abatement if you are worried that your home has been insulated with vermiculite. This is an insulation material found often in older homes' attic, walls and other parts built before 1990.

Its use was stopped when Zonolite insulation, the most popular vermiculite brand was found to be contaminated with asbestos. Exposure to asbestos is known to cause lung cancer and severe respiratory disorders.

The owners of vermiculite-insulated older homes were advised to eliminate every risk of asbestos exposure for their families by having vermiculite insulation removal done. In SeaTac, WA, if you suspect that your home has Zonolite, call us for:

  • Testing vermiculite for asbestos
  • Removing vermiculite, if deemed necessary
  • Safe disposal of removed vermiculite


Hiring us to remove vermiculite insulation from your SeaTac home attic, walls and other parts not only makes it safe to live in, but also increases its resale value.

Vermiculite Removal SeaTac

vermiculite-removal-seatac-waOur vermiculite removal services are available for taking out the contaminated insulation from every nook and cranny of a home, other than the crawl space. You can hire our technicians for removal of vermiculite insulation from your attic, basement, within walls or under the floorboards - all with the assurance that you have the best people in the business working for you.

All the vermiculite removal work in your SeaTac home is done:

  • By knowledgeable, OSHA-competent technicians
  • With top priority to safety
  • In compliance with the latest local codes


So, what are waiting for? Schedule a visit from our vermiculite insulation removal specialists to your home soon.

SeaTacVermiculite Insulation Removal

vermiculite-insulation-removal-seatac-waWith our extensive experience in vermiculite insulation removal from SeaTac homes, we appreciate the importance of doing the job seamlessly, with no room for oversight. Even a little negligence by our technicians can endanger not only their own safety, but also compromise the security of our customers and their families.

That is why, on every vermiculite abatement and removal job, we see to it that our technicians:

  • Work with the utmost diligence
  • Utilize proven vermiculite removal methods
  • Follow a detailed, carefully planned vermiculite removal process


Call us to know an estimated cost of vermiculite insulation removal now if you do not want your home to become a hazardous place for your loved ones. We'll return it to the safe sanctuary that it should be.

Make Puget Sound Abatement your first choice for vermiculite removal services in SeaTac. Reach us at (425) 336-0611.