Do You Have Vermiculite Insulation in Your University Place Home?

vermiculite-insulation-university-place-waDo you think you have vermiculite-based insulation in your home? If so, it is important to seek professional vermiculite insulation removal as soon as possible. Between 1919 and 1990, a mine near Libby, Montana was responsible for selling most of the vermiculite in the U.S.

This mine also had deposits of asbestos which contaminated the vermiculite. Vermiculite-based insulation was sold under name Zonolite. If you have Zonolite insulation installed in your home, you should assume it has asbestos. Call Puget Sound Abatement for fast, dependable vermiculite insulation removal in University Place, WA.

We can protect you and your family from exposure to asbestos with our expert vermiculite insulation removal services. We offer:

  • A thorough property assessment
  • The latest insulation removal techniques
  • Eco-safe material disposal

Vermiculite Removal in University Place - Everything Except Crawl Space

vermiculite-removal-university-place-waYou should never disturb vermiculite-based insulation, as it could potentially release dangerous asbestos fibers. Rely on a professional for safe, effective vermiculite removal in University Place. It is highly recommended not to attempt vermiculite removal on your own. Hire us for your vermiculite removal needs in University Place.

We can get the vermiculite removal job done correctly, the first time. Are you planning to undertake a remodel? Renovations can disturb vermiculite-based insulation in your home. Call us for vermiculite inspection and vermiculite removal. We can remove vermiculite from your attics and walls.

We have:

  • HAZMAT-trained project managers
  • OSHA-competent technicians
  • A friendly customer support team

Protecting Families in University Place with Vermiculite Insulation Removal

vermiculite-insulation-removal-university-place-waVermiculite was a cost-efficient insulation and fire-proofing material. Vermiculite use was discontinued after it became known to contain asbestos. When inhaled, the asbestos fibers in vermiculite-based insulation can cause serious health problems, including lung cancer.

Prevent these potential health risks by hiring our professionals for timely and thorough vermiculite insulation removal in your University Place home. We are a fully licensed and bonded company, which means you can rest easy knowing that your vermiculite insulation removal needs are in good hands.

We work hard to ensure our vermiculite insulation removal services strictly comply with local, state and federal requirements. More reasons to choose us for your vermiculite removal needs include our:

  • Commitment to jobs of any size
  • Customer safety commitments
  • On-time and on-budget project completion

If you would like to find out more about our vermiculite removal services for University Place homeowners, feel free to call Puget Sound Abatement at (425) 336-0611 today.